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Power Partner The Netherlands Launches PPI Consulting

8 december, 2008 in Algemeen

In a constant effort to provide better services to international customers, Partner Power now introduces PPI Consulting – a division dedicated to providing consulting services to Microsoft Dynamics customers worldwide. With 173 offices in 53 countries, PPI Consulting forms the largest Microsoft Dynamics consulting group in the world.

Partner Power, a Microsoft Dynamics organization specialized in international Microsoft Dynamics implementations, now launches PPI Consulting. Since its creation in 2002, Partner Power has acquired extensive expertise in the global ERP/CRM market and has gathered an impressive track record of satisfied Microsoft Dynamics customers. This expertise will now be made available to customers worldwide.

In a context of global economic recession, many companies have to adopt a more cost-focused strategy. They need to improve efficiency and increase their bottom line. This means consolidating operations, acquiring competitors, or looking into daily operations to retain the best customers. ERP systems, like Microsoft Dynamics, are instrumental in the success of such initiatives.

"How do the companies choose the most appropriate strategy? How do they make the most out of the chosen system? These questions are not as simple as they seem. PPI Consulting offers a comprehensive range of services to help companies to come up with a concrete action plan to these challenges. We are looking to make customers more competitive," says CEO Poul Kjaer, Partner Power.

Microsoft Dynamics Doctors
PPI Consulting believes that prevention is the best medicine when it comes to IT and always encourages customers to contact the company before they run into problems with their Microsoft Dynamics solution. PPI Consulting then puts together attractive solutions through a combination of three concrete areas: in-depth knowledge of ERP and other IT-related products, in-depth knowledge of applied best practices from leading companies, and unique global coverage. PPI Consulting offers these services worldwide through the Partner Power local offices.

"PPI Consulting services are standardized and built upon best practices from thousands of actual cases. PPI Consulting works as a central hub for accessing expert knowledge, so when it comes to processes and tools, customers are no longer limited to their local market to find help with consulting tasks. We ensure access to the most qualified and experienced specialists around the world," says CEO Poul Kjaer, Partner Power.

Despite PPI Consulting’s international expertise, services also target local costumers. 

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